I was listening today, I don’t always do that, but today I am truly happy that I had ears to hear. A sound slid into my soul deep, deeper yet than I had recently known, yet it was wonderfully familiar, full of everything I want to hear. It in fact was the sound of many waters cascading over the rocky part of my heart. I then knew that I was a gift, yes a gift to make a hard thing more pliable. Not in a way that obliterates the rocks but in a manner that gently washes, no, messages the layers away. A feeling of being cleaned, healed, or being reshaped, but only a little. No pain, no fretting, on resistance in me. Just a sound, do you hear a sound?

Wonderful are the ways of the spirit, pleasant and pure is the path. All that is needed, is an open ear to let the wind into the heart. Then my soul can soar as an eagle high into the heavens, a place where otherwise I could not go. There is no greater peace and beauty for me.

Thank you my gentle companion for the gift of listening.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/10/2012.

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