Throughout life, when reading about God making reference to humanity it is quite frequently a comparison to us being sheep and he being the shepherd. Everyone wants to ber a leader of some sort or another. In the religious world some like to refer to themselves as shepherds, I find that curious in light of the fact that God is the only true shepherd, and that it is impossible for a sheep to grow into a shepherd. So the struggle goes on as who is truly the leader in truth.

I love the analogy of sheep shepherd, though it is probably more truth than an analogy. Maybe we should stop long enough to consider the place of leadership we actually have in our sociological environment. In order to do that we need to understand that we are sheep, not Gods. As best as I can tell the sheep in the field don’t give orders, There is not one exalted one that has special training or any shepherd like qualities so that others will take their words as the sovereign words of God. In truth older sheep do lead, but by example. After enough years of following the shepherd from one watering hole to the next and one pasture to the next the one thing that is learned is, when it is time to follow the shepherd. As the older ones do just that it teaches the younger ones the telltale signs so in time they to will be leaders of the same sort. Of course this is just a step into the real meaning of following God, but I get the idea.

I am nobody’s boss or oracle, and neither is anyone else. There will always be bullies in the flock but they are the ones that get lost and eaten up by the wolves.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/09/2012.

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