Health issues are paramount in the order of importance, especially as you start looking at those years you hope to enjoy during retirement. Unfortunately retirement age is just about the time the shit hits the fan in the health department. Our system is geared to take advantage of that in as much as everything is put  in place to drain the retiring ones of every bit of money they have by the time life is over for us. I call them vultures and parasites, but most refer to them as social providers under the direction of the bureaucratic officials guided by the all watchful eye of uncle sam. I believe the stealth and skill of government leaders and there advisors have been working very hard at setting up the system so the system will always benefit from the aging and dying. Well we can’t change that and I’m sure that in some way each one thought they were doing the right thing, but i have to point out something that might help.

God said he would  be our health, and when we are willing and able to trust him to do so he will. I really has very little to do with us, except we have the part of staying out of Gods business and just letting him do what he said he would do. Trust is very important to our sanity, and secure well-being , lets just do that.

It is sad that none of the leadership of this nation are in touch with the reality of a living god, that includes most of the clerics as well as the lawmakers.Greed and fear rules now and failure has replaced faith, hope, and love.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/07/2012.

2 Responses to “Health”

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  2. Hear, hear!

    A direct experience of – and a personal relationship with – the living God is the true source of inner peace, joy, and vibrant health.

    And such a living faith is sadly lacking in our world leaders, who remain in the grip of ego greed, fear & delusion… they cause harm even when they do mean well (though I think they don’t often mean well).


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