The gift

It all started with a gift. Then someone said we need to share this with others. It wasn’t there’s to share, it was someone else’s gift. God gave it to a person with a good heart, a clean spirit a right purpose in life. As time went on they gathered around and wanted to be close to the gift. It was almost as if it was there’s, but it wasn’t. Some decided there should be an organization, we should start a church. Then we needed money to support the organization and the leaders, after all they were promoting the gift. Saddened the Gifted one wanted to be alone with the giver. No one understood that! You need to be sharing the gift, it is selfish not to share this with the world. It became to busy, hard now to get alone with the giver. In time the gift was just a memory, and the organization just keeps it going, just like it was fresh new, but alas it is no more. Someone didn’t get the message, that it wasn’t the gift that mattered, but the giver or all gifts. That is the goal in my life not a gift, not a fame, not a following, only one thing to be with the giver.

Always the want to haves exploite the ones who have, not for good but for selfish reasons.

How much better to know we all have gifts. Discovery is next.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/05/2012.

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