When one endeavors to know a subject, but doesn’t put out the time or energy to thoroughly research and carefully study it. It wouldn’t be very bright to live your life by what you have heard, but rather by what you’ve discovered to be true. There seems to be a disease flying around in the overly educated society we live in, that being an ill-tempered, fast living, ill prepared people, who don’t take the time to verify what others say is true. Just because someone has letters behind or before their name is not proof enough of their knowledge, it does prove that they can work hard and get through school, but is what they publish or say actually something they know or is it something someone told them. In the end you are the one who pays the price, so let’s be diligent in our endeavors, that way we only can blame ourselves.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/28/2012.

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