Quibbs from the gallery

I hope to accomplish nothing before I die. So far I am a smashing success.

I am going to hell anyway, besides I do want to be with all my friends.

Shit they started this war so someone would have moving targets to practice on.

The little people need our guidance, hell someone has to do the thinking for them, after all isn’t that why we have governments.

No one will know, just do it.

Hey dude ya wanna get high?

Just one more pal then I have to go get my kids.

Step on it you can still make the light.

Get the led out the cops won’t stop you till you do twenty miles per hour faster than the speed limit.

These and many more come to us as jokes, but there are many who are serious, I am all for fun but sometimes it would be a good idea to sit and listen to the stuff that dribbles out of our mouths.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/28/2012.

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