The tongue

I was thinking about forgiveness today. God knows I need plenty of that, and I recalled a story told me once and it impressed me so much that I think I would like to try to share it with you.

There was a preacher in a certain town, which had been established a very long time. The members had all been there for many years. It was on an occasion that there was a certain woman who had a habit of gossiping about everything, and usually without first-hand knowledge. Well, as it had it, the preacher was preaching on forgiveness for a several weeks, meanwhile this woman had been spreading rumors of the pastor being immoral, and corrupt. Well, time went by and the rumors had run full circle and everyone in the town had heard these stories, including the preacher. Yet he continued as if it never happened. Finally, after many weeks had gone by the woman was discovered by another member of the church and approached her about it. The woman was so embarrassed a full of guilt, she could bear it any longer and went to the home of the preacher to beg forgiveness. He listened for a long time while she confessed all her sins to him, to which he replied that confession was unto God not man, but that he would forgive her, but she alone could repair the damage. The woman being so distraught begged him, what can I do to undo the harm that I have caused you? The preacher thought about it for a while and finally said to the woman, write down your complete confession about the transgression and don’t leave any detail out. Then bring it back to me. She was thrilled, and speed off to her home to compose her true confession. The next day she returned to the preachers’ home with letter in hand. The man read the letter, then turned and produced a top hat, he presently began to tear the letter into a million tiny pieces and put them in the hat. The woman marveled at this action as he handed her the hat, she said what am I to do with this. Now it was a windy day that day, and he said to her take this hat to the church climb up to the steeple and scatter them into the wind. Then go gather them up every bit and put the letter back together and bring it back to me with my hat. Oh! The woman exclaimed that would not be possible, Exactly, and it is the same thing about repairing the injury which you have caused me and others.

Well, I hope to say it affected her as much as it has me. Guard your words so you won’t get the impossible task of repairing the damage.

This story I believe was told by Rev.Ed Miller at least thirty years ago.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/24/2012.

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