True escape

I would like to bring out again, that truth is not an intellectual endeavor. If it were the universities would be full of people with the truth. Unfortunately much of the truth we are taught is in fact, relative. The truth which I am referring to is not my truth, well at least not in the sense that I gathered it intellectually. The truth I refer to has nothing to do with the mind, or my ability, it is never the less immutable truth.

First and for most I can share with you, but the truth is my possession and not yours. The truth I walk in is a gift, a gift of experiential living. By saying this I mean if you want to know truth walk in it, breathe it, live it, then there will be a place in time that you own your truth.

Ok now I’ve tried to say it but I feel that I am just out of reach. It is just to big for near men to think they understand anything about truth. Someone said once I am the truth. Figure that into an intellectual box. Well shit I think I am getting to stuffy. Enough for now, onward truthtian solders.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/23/2012.

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