The hunt

He walked a long lonely and thorny road to find his hope.

He scratched and clawed at life until his fingers bleed to lay hold of the truth held out before him.

He fought the adversaries of his soul with all that is within him, even reaching out for a strength that was not his own.

He climbed the mountain that could not be climbed but to no avail.

It seemed to others that he would surrender because he seemed to suffer at every turn.

They scoffed him and berated his faith.

Someone even wanted to crucify him.

He was human and his failings are many .

Yet he would not turn back.

He had a Goal, a vision and, a hope.

That he would meet his maker and his soul would find peace.

All who started beside him found a place to rest, but he would not be appeased.

Then there were no more to tell him of things he must do.

He found himself alone and feeling a failure.

Still the eye was on the prize.

His love would not let it go.

Then after many years of living he awoke.

To find that much of it was a Joke.

And went his way perplexed, but not distorted.

In his dream he looked into a mirror and there he discovered the one he longed to know deep within his heart.

Never to let him go.

I am found.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/23/2012.

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