Whimsical change

It seems that while your growing up, and sometimes when your fully grown, there is almost always someone around telling you about something you need to change. I can get really frustrating, because about the time you get one thing fixed, It’s time to find out that either I fixed the wrong thing, or I just didn’t quite get it right. So it’s a constant circle of trying to make the other person happy. With mom or sister it was one of those things you do to please them and blow it off until you get out of sight. With the girl friend, ulterior motives usually spurred us on to try to make them happy. Then we got married or at least engaged and the lovely woman, who loved me just the way I was turned into the woman who had a lot of great ideas to improve my life. Usually, its honest desire for my health of a better way to communicate, which I must agree there is room to improve.

Realistically though it gets old, pretty quick. So being the great guy that I am decided that I like me. I am a believer of the concept that God made me, and If I need to be changed, I think I will wait to be changed by him.

It isn’t that I think that I don’t need all that guidance, I just can’t juggle all those balls. So to make a long story short, I will do as my brother-in-law said to me when we got married. Learn two words. Yes dear, then do what you want.

The women won’t like this I’m sure, but I think we need the break.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/21/2012.

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