It is my opinion that the Christian church as a whole has lost its impact on the lives of people who live in their cities. It is never beyond all hope but getting there is a big challenge. If of course, you’re a member of a church, then you don’t count, your part of the problem. You see the church as we see it today has spent so much time creating tag lines and turning real valuable writings into memorized meaningless jangle which, frankly, your neighbors are tired of hearing, and too polite to tell you.

It is this mans opinion that one would do far better by climbing down from your high perch and getting on your hands and knees where people actually live and play. Try a little of just old-fashioned neighborly activity and stop with the pious I am the only one and you’re not in the group attitude. Enough with your silly stickers on the car while you drive like a demons, which are you anyway. There are too many mixed signals coming from the camp and truth be told no one knows what you stand for anymore. Someone is always messing up in the news, and in the pews as well.

Get back to the beginning, if you can find it.

Of course, I’m a guy who believes the true church is hidden amidst the rubble. P.S. I was once one of you.

Oh and preacher if you’re out to build your Kingdom you are in the wrong business.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/21/2012.

2 Responses to “Church”

  1. Thank you for reading my blog, also for your great comments.


  2. I completely agree with you! Jesus spread his message to people by being intimate with them. By having dinner and wine with people, by chatting it up in the market square. I think Christians should focus more on spreading their message by getting to know people on a personal level and being a living example, instead of yelling damnation at people with signs at street corners.


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