When I was growing up, I distinctly remember the feelings of saying something and having everyone stop and look as if to say you like, you are such a dope. Well, it didn’t take too many of those to cure my word drooling mouth problem, I very quickly learned that it was better to let everyone think I was an idiot, rather than it was to open my mouth and prove it. I became the guy who learned to listen. Wow did I ever learn stuff when that happened. I found out that I wasn’t the only person that could open my mouth so that others could think or say lousy things about me. There were plenty of others out there too, but I also discovered that not everyone cared what the other person thinks. This opened me up to a whole new concept of using words. In time of course we grow up a little at least in how we use our words in public. I think that fear of saying something unacceptable kept me from getting involved in a lot of things, some to my benefit, and some to my detriment.

Words are definitely impacting both to the speaker, as well as the listener. Today when I write or am with someone and speak words, I am totally blown away how each person reads or hears completely differently than others. The very things I write, for instance, when I am finished, and I publish my blog. I go away and wonder if I should have even written that on a public forum. Then I go back and find that the response to the written word was unbelievable, It is so strange to me when the things that I question as valid, are more often the very things which others want to here.

So I’m still discovering that I should freely use my words, because there is always someone who is listening and hearing something that they prize.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/19/2012.

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