The contemplative soul truly wants to know things like, what is life about, or is there a purpose in this life? Can I mean anything be being who I am? There is a myriad of questions to be asked, but most important is that soul will spend his or her life searching for the answers and not just an answer it has to be the answer that satisfies the heart and quiets the restless soul. There are many others that will live their life whatever comes and be quite content, but know that soul that aches to find the answers to their life’s questions. Are you one of those contemplative ones? If so you know what I’m talking about. Continue your search, there are answers for every question you have and don’t be detoured by the fact that you seem to be the only one. You are not I assure you. I too was a seeker of truth, a follower of the path of life, searching relentlessly in order to find that place of understanding and peace. I have met numbers more though none are exactly the same, all have a burning desire to touch into truth and knowledge in a manner that can only be experienced not taught by others.

Search on for they who finds truth finds life.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/15/2012.

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