Having children is a wonderful part of life. It is both educational and euphoric, educational because there such a huge learning curb with bringing a child into the world, and nurturing them throughout there life with the purpose of producing an expression of life that will continue on after I leave this world. Euphoric in that each moment brings so much out of us and our emotional life. We laugh, love, and at times are cross, but always elated with the ones we have, in our care.

I have been blessed with watching all four of my children grow to what is now well into maturity. Each is their own person and very capable in their own arena of life. Also each of them show aspects of their mother. You can see the fabulous effects in each one, and if you are me, you see some of her personality also. I can likewise see a little taste of me in each one, the amazing thing that each one has a different part of each parent, so there is nothing that takes away from the other. Euphoric is the best part of having your children spend more than half a lifetime educating their parents, only to discover after going through all of it, that now the rolls are at least in heart switched, as they each in their own way tries to nurture me as my days move ever closer to me going back into the womb of life. Hopefully they will have many more years to fuss over me, and their mother as well.

It is meant to be this way, and I love this time of watching. My head, heart and chest are all about to burst with excitement, love and pride, every day it’s just great.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/14/2012.

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