Is it easier to put blame on an unseen enemy, or accept the responsibility for our actions? I find that most of the people I have spent any time with find it is really easy to blame the Devil for all kinds of things. Well, I am not opposed to declaring your enemy, or even laying the responsibility at the enemies’ feet. I am, however, opposed to giving credence to an enemy that has had its power removed. A lion with no teeth is still an adversary but not as much of one as when it was young and had all its teeth. I don’t give power to any enemy seen or unseen as the one that I love has all the power, and I am his. It’s pretty simple, either he is God, or he is not. Deception is real, but self-deception is insidious. We are deceived by the normal aspects surrounding our daily life, because we chose to believe them. If we really knew who it was that we served, our outlook would change completely. Is there darkness? Yes just look in the mirror. Is there evil? Yes just look at society. Is there a danger? Not to those who belong to God. Even if we are drawn away, God is greater than all that, and much more patient than we could ever imagine.

It is O K to talk about evil, if that is what is important to you. I find that my relationship is with God. He is adequate to take care of his enemies. He doesn’t need my help.

I’m just saying, you can give all your attention and energy to fighting the “enemies” or you can give all your attention and energy to loving and learning all that God has for you. You can’t serve two masters.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/10/2012.

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