The Spirit

When people talk about the spirit, many times it is construed as a semi-tangible presence, kind of floating around either in or around a human being. It’s almost like some spooky thing directing traffic only the traffic inside the human psyche. I actually have heard someone say do you have the spirit with you in this decision. Like it was a separate entity, which it is not.

I believe that communication concerning these things is not only misleading, but confusing to all concerned. Except maybe that special one with all the insight for your life. Oh! I don’t mean you’re good spiritual guide. I do mean God.

The American Indians, talk in history of the spirit of their ancestors being evoked, to help at a particular troubling time in their lives. They seem to believe in the presence of a host of those gone by, and that they could be evoked to intervene in the circumstances.

I don’t see them as wrong, actually the spirit we all refer to is everywhere, always. The spirit permeates every aspect of life, there is no part of life as we know it that is ever not under the influence of the spirit. Like the Indians of America, the spirit has a multiplicity of expressions, adequate to fulfill the scenes of every single person on the planet and then beyond. Some speak of the holy spirit. Some speak of evil spirits others talk of the spirit of the age. A generational spirit, generation x, baby boomer, hippy generation, all influenced by the spirit. The spirit is an energy, a force, or flow of power that can be directed, for wonderful things, or very bad spiritual expression. There is the spirit in art and music, yes in every aspect of life. We may not like the idea that the spirit is one, but that is actually to big for us to deal with, so we must learn to accept it.

Whatever the spirit might be to you. One thing is very obvious. It is not something humans are in command of, nor do we have persuasion over it.

Be careful what spiritual path you choose, as they can lead you into many things, some of which are not so lovely, but don’t blame anyone for your failures or success, Both come from choice. It is all about your choices.

God is spirit, and they that worship him must do so in spirit, and truth. That is, the one spirit.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/07/2012.

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