A Seeker

Improved flu-flu fletching

I know a seeker; he in many ways is a lot like me. It is no wonder as he is one of the arrows in my quiver, the youngest of my children. I find it totally amazing to watch him live his life, sometimes its like watching a rerun of my own life. In many ways though he is completely different, his mind is fantastic. He can see whole stories from beginning to end all in his head. He loves to sing. I am like that sometimes, but it seems  he gets up singing and goes to bed singing. He is a big man, quite a bit bigger than I am, full of life, almost  always finding humor in everything around him. I am a particular source of fun for him, when he and his brother show up together it’s a real kick. They are always making fun of the old man. I call him my flu-flu arrow because like that bird hunting arrow it launches with great speed and accuracy with an explosion of color, but it only flies’ a short distance, and it has a blunt point on it for shock value. LOL that is a really good description of both of us. He is to be admired, because he is like the great discoverer out looking through the jungle for something that is totally new to himself as well as everyone else. Constantly seeking a way where there appears to be none, disappearing for long times into his own world of searching and sorting of things in life, but in the end emerging with some new great quest to excite his worshipers with, as well as himself. This is quite a man truly independent and totally capable. I love my young son for reminding me to stay young.

Oh! don’t get me wrong I love all of my children very much.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/05/2012.

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