I ask a question of myself. Does one blog for notoriety or some other self furthering cause? Why do I blog? So others will read? Maybe so others will respond. There is no doubt there are many reasons why a person writes a blog, perhaps to many to enumerate.

After much soul-searching I have decided, that I blog to unclog. To get out all the stuff within so I can make room for more stuff, new stuff, I need to continue to learn. The process of life is an exchange of things between myself and everything around me. I want to continue to grow until I grow out of the place of earthly usefulness, because when that happens, I will be ready to go to the next place prepared for me.

That excites me, it’s like going on a quest where it’s all new, and that means I get to explore, and explore means, I get to grow some more. I love to reach, touch, feel, and express. I don’t always know how to do it correctly, but I still like doing it. My wife and I joke about not being sweet enough to move to the next place, but I think there just might be some truth in that.

Life is short if you look at it in years, but life is not limited to time. Life is eternal, whatever that means. It will never end.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/04/2012.

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