The interesting thing about trying to communicate what experiences you have had with the spiritual world, It always comes of sounding surreal almost like the kind of experience you might have had with a dog or an imaginary person. There just isn’t any way to bring it into the finite world in which we live. All we can do is try. I trust the efforts are not wasted, or at least they will cause someone else to experience their own reality outside of human expression. Am I weird? Maybe to some, but not to all as there are others who experience the same thing, I know because they tell me so. I wish there were words, but there aren’t at least not now. Maybe its the English language, I think though that it is a problem of all languages and all times. In spite of the ineptness of man and his language, there will always be someone giving it a good try, because some of us believe it is important enough to share.

Will you try to share with others your hearts experiences, hopes, and dreams? I borrowed that from my wife, but its a good statement to make, for without them. We perish.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/03/2012.

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