I reached for what I could not see. It was as if I was drawn to reach out and try to touch what wasn’t there, but it was there, and it touched back. I couldn’t explain it, but what I touched or what touched me was real. In fact, it was more real than anything I had ever encountered in my life. It was as if I had given it permission to come and touch my life. As time went by that actually came out of my mouth come into my life, I can’t run it correctly, I just screw things up, I need help. Guess what it happened, not invasive but gently, full of kindness, understanding and loving compassion. Like he knew just what I needed, always a perfect gentleman, never imposing, just a gentle leading me down the path and through the things that life threw my way. Always giving me understanding, always helping me through the hard places, always full of love. Love that can’t be explained, love undeserved, love without reserve, patient love like no other love. Never, a harsh expression, never a rejection, never leaving me, even when on occasion, I did all I could to leave him. He just waited and when I was ready, he was always right there; no is always right there. I have had relationships in my life, but never have I so much as heard of a relationship that was like the one I have with my God. Now to be without him would be worse than death, it would be a torment that my heart could not stand. To touch and be touched by the loving breath of God. I looked for what I could not see, but then I began to see. Not with human eyes but with eyes given by him so my understanding could be opened. Have you ever heard of someone so thoughtful? Everything I have ever needed has been provided, This is as we should live because otherwise we end up in a total mess. I tried to hear something that was not audible, but I heard; I heard the sound of a might wind; I heard the sound of rushing waters; I heard the rumble of the mountain of the heavens, and I heard a still small voice saying, follow me, fear not, for I am with you always. And my heart melted, and I was in love with the very one whom I sought, until he found me. Now I am whole.

Reach, Look, Listen, Love.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/02/2012.

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