Sometimes we set out on a quest to discover. Normally, we have a goal in mind when we start, but many times we are drawn off course by something that catches our mind’s eye. Oh! We say I want to know about this and off, we go. It takes very little to distract us because there is so much we do not know and we are curious. The issue is that we never reach the end of our quest, oh, we come back from time to time, but we are always getting side tracked. It takes a determined and disciplined person to stay on the course. If the prize at the end of the quest is great enough it will assist us on our path, so we must choose our road carefully so we will want to stay on the road until the end. Life is like this.

Throughout time there have been men who have dedicated their entire lives to the study of ancient scriptures of all kinds. I have had an opportunity to speak to with several of these people at length about their quest for knowledge. What I was impressed with the most was that the apparent goal of each was a greater knowledge and relationship with God. The sad part, like so many of us is that their choices lead them down a different path. Causing them to find a doctrine or a ritual or a spiritual gift which distracted them and to my knowledge, they never returned to discover their first love. To know God.

So pick a path and if you veer off, remember your first intent and return to you original Goal.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/30/2012.

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