Thank you

It is a wonderful thing to wake up every day. Just look at all the signs of the many who don’t. To appreciate life as it is given is a treasure, to be grateful to the one who gives it is a sign that he is creating a good heart. When it is all said and done, I trust we will be ready to cross to the other side. Sometimes I am excited about the prospect of the transition, but in truth I am not sweet enough to go yet. So I look forward to the remaining steps life has for me, and maybe I will be able to share with others just how wonderful life is supposed to be. I have experienced the very lowest of conditions and I have experienced some very good conditions. In all cases of life, being grateful, and sharing is the most profound expression you can have. The rewards are endless and all things continue to flow out from us at the same rate they flow in. This means we all ways have fresh content to give others. I love Gods ways.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/28/2012.

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