How effectual are we anyway. Many of us lead our lives as if what we do or say or believe, actually affects many others in a positive manner. politicians, Ministers, priests, new believers of every conceivable  religion on earth. All propagating what they deem as the most important aspect they have to offer, the human race. As if we are gifted with the guiding light of all man kind. Wow are we arrogant, the truth is almost nothing that comes out of our mouth is perceived as truth. What I believe never reaches any further than your ears, if I affect anything it is by how I live my life. That speaks volumes to all who know me, and those who don’t know what I am all about. If I know something about the other world, or how the world could do something better, how I live will tell the story and words won’t say anything. If I want someone to hear falseness, all I need to do is offer my words of wisdom unsolicited. We know when someone is full of shit, and we don’t care what they have to say. If I speak what I live and live what I speak then it is as it should be.

Perhaps if men learned how to live, instead of trying to make or convince others how to live. Our lives might be truly effectual.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/22/2012.

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