One of the most insidious attributes we humans can express is the desire to pass judgment on others. And akin to that is to gossip about it to others. Judgement belongs to God not man, when we judge others it is from the self perspective, which is to say they aren’t as good as I am or I would be if I were where they are. This in itself I acknowledge is human nature, and in itself is no big deal, as this activity only affects ones self. The issue is that we don’t stop with the thought, but rather take it to a destructive place by speaking it or writing it so that others now know what we are thinking about this person.

You see words are creative, and when spoken go out and begin to work their process of creativity. Once they are let loose they can never come back, and a part of you is attached to the words. The question will the words be creative for benefit or destruction.

What soever things are lovely, thoughtful, kind, good, uplifting, just, true, pure, of any praise ,or virtue let this be in my mind toward others always.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/19/2012.

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  1. Beautiful insight and sentiment.


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