A lesser man

When I was in school I use to watch everyone and sometimes wonder why I wasn’t more popular, more athletic, or better at school work. Now I realize I had a low opinion of myself in those areas, I had a couple of friends but somehow I never quite fit in with the in crowd. I saw myself as a lesser man, low self-esteem, the kid who would never succeed at anything ever, never quite enough to be acceptable.

Don’t take me wrong I didn’t go around pouting about who I was, I just didn’t understand. Truthfully I liked who I was and I didn’t really care if people liked me or not, but I thought it would be nice if I had been in a group of kids that did things together.

I know now that It was part of who I am that made me more of a loner. I was busy learning the things I was interested in and truthfully didn’t care for school at all. I often wondered what I would have been like if I had been like so many others. Well it doesn’t matter now because I still like me, and my wife and children love me, though I think I might be hard to love. What ever.

Who a person is, is what their supposed to be and looking across life’s path only serves to bring you regret that is not yours. It’s easy to look back and see your own progress, successes or failures, but it is far better to look ahead and see your next discovery.

I am not a lesser person, I am however just right, and so are you.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/17/2012.

One Response to “A lesser man”

  1. Lovely! we can’t regret the past, we can only hold ourselves accountable and make the changes we need to now. You are easy to love my hubby!


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