There is something about solitude, it gives you perspective on life. Some of my most fond memories are when I was a young boy, I had the freedom to just wander my Grandparents farm, looking at everything, walking along the right of way near the railroad tracks you never knew for sure what new thing would catch your attention. While fishing the stream running through the farm you might find a rabbit, or a pheasant. One particular time while fishing I looked up just in time to see a moose coming out of the wooded area and start feeding on  the clover in the nearby field.

When I was older I recall walking through the forest, not doing anything in particular, and in the middle of all that green and brown earthy stuff, there would be a singular flower popping out of the ground. Once I spied a big bed of mushrooms and got Mom, she knew what was safe to eat, she was so tickled you would have thought I had just given her a hundred dollars. Some times I would just find a beautiful quiet place with a spectacular view, and sit down for a while an appreciate it.

Now sometimes I still do those things, but mostly I sit at a bench and watch the world go by. I learn to appreciate people, their antics and their children playing. It is always educational and will bring the understanding to my own life. Sometimes a person is that precious flower popping out of the jungle, giving color and motion and entertainment to all who take the time to notice.

When I need peace, I go to a quiet place and get lost in my thoughts. Memories also belong in a place and time such as this. I just love to get quiet and bask in the environment I find myself in at the moment.

Enjoy the moments you have, and maybe share them with someone else.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/16/2012.

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