A Moment

I walked one day across the threshold past the door posts into a place where I had never dreamed of being. There I beheld something, no someone so magnificent the brilliance of whom I could not bear, so powerful were the images that I felt as if my head would explode. What is this place my heart speaking, and who am I before. The out of this great radiance came to my soul a voice that I knew so well it was the very voice that has kept me and guided my path for these many years. I wondered is this the place where I sill be judged for my life? Instantly I knew that this was already settled and the price was already paid for all. I marveled at all I was seeing and questioned my being there, and found that I was greeted by a Lamb which spoke. You are here to spend time with me because I love you and wish to have you with me always. I wept. Nothing in all my wildest dreams could be more desirable than this very moment, but I knew it could not last for now. I just understood, I would have to go back to my life as it was. Only I would never be the same, how could anything on earth satisfy my soul as it has been filled today. Was it a dream? I can not say but it has lasted many years and I still long to be in that place one more time.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/15/2012.

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