As I walk through life I find many roads, and with it lots of advice. One says take the high road, another says I suggest you take the low road. Each with their own reason which to them makes perfect sense. To take the high road is to take to the way of the financial secure, it’s the most sense it cost’s a big more money but you won’t be bothered by the lesser’s in this world. For those preferring the low road, you won’t have to put up with the  snobs, and the surroundings are more comfortable as they are like your own home towns. The street problems you know how to deal with any way, so it’s good you tough.

There is though, another road. I like to call it, the road less traveled, because there are very few that choose this road and for some good reasons. First it is a very lonely road, it is also very narrow with many cliffs and mountains it can be very dangerous and it is steep though straight as an arrow. There are hidden beasts and marauders also many things unknown. You can see why so few choose this road.

I like this road because it gives me the security of knowing I am on the right road. I also know someone else that travels this road, and he will walk with me. It will be much less lonely and much safer, and I will learn all that I need to know on this for all my journeys on this road.

It is good to be in the way of the lord. He calls it the king’s highway.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/09/2012.

2 Responses to “Choices”

  1. I find its most important who you walk with. Roads and Bridges are choices which lead to a destination.


  2. Sometimes the journey is more important than the road you are on at any given time… We have bridges to connect and move back and forth on as we need.


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