Face to face

We only have one life to live. How then should we live it? This has been a controversial question for most of us all our lives. This of course takes to a place of choices, where  we decide what tomorrow will bring, or do we? It is my contention that there is a fork in the road at every place there is a choice to be made. If we chose one way then it will bring us face to face with another facet of our life to understand. If we chose the other it will bring us struggles and strife which in the long run will again bring us face to face with ourselves.

One road is the self-fulfilling road, the other is the road of self giving. Both are roads of service but one is for others and one is for my self.

I have tried each choice many times, and for me the giving life is much more rewarding.

No matter which way we decide to choose, we can trust one thing to be true, we have a God that will walk with us all the way through.

We will continue to meet ourselves face to face, until we meet him face to face.

I can’t wait.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/08/2012.

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