Pious in politics

Ya know, during the Moses inquisition, it was not like today’s or for that matter less recent escapades involving some of Gods people.

For instance can you imagine God saying to Moses. Go down to Pharaoh and negotiate the release of my people. Hell no not even close. What about Moses saying to the people , We need to organize a political lobbyist to really work on the government to change the laws, after all we need more straw if we are going to do this job. Even more ludicrous is the idea that we need to launch a protest.

Somehow the people of God don’t realize that, if he wants to change things he doesn’t need anyones permission, or help for that matter.

Will we ever get it. Our kingdom is not of this world. It is way to big to fit.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/05/2012.

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