What is real?

I find myself looking across an abyss in time. When I look I do so with wonderment, baffled by a parallel place just exactly the same on both sides. Well at first look anyway. Then I notice that the two worlds are out of sync with each other. I wonder why, first why two worlds, second why two worlds alike , and lastly why out of sync?

After much observation I begin to realize that one of the worlds is full of light, and the other has shadows that don’t exist in the other. Then the question pops into my mind, which on is real?

This is our world, can you look and tell which one is the real world?

The truth is they both exist right here and now if we have eyes to see.

If you watch the two worlds you will find they both are heading for a destination, unfortunately you can’t see the end path. There are signs though all along each path that give us hints about where each is going, though not clear, very helpful in the sense or the finality of each. When we notice the people who are in these worlds we see each making choices, and it is these choices which tell us their destination.

We must be vigilant as well as diligent in our observations, or we will miss entirely the path we want to chose.

Much watching and learning to all.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/31/2011.

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