New Year.

In just a few days we get to say good-by to another year, they go so fast now, much faster than they did when I was fifteen years old. I just couldn’t wait to turn sixteen and it took a whole year for that to happen, it felt more like ten years. Now it seems like a light breeze blows the time away, leaving me wondering what happened to the year.

I look back and see, I made it through all my struggles, I lived through all my ailments, all my fears seemed to come to naught. Its been a wonderful year.

Now I look to the next year, but only one day at a time, because that is all I am given,  and really that’s just fine. The truth is I couldn’t handle more anyway. There is enough to overcome in every minute of the day. I am truly grateful for each one.

My New Years resolution this year is, Love, Live, and laugh just as much as I can, and if I’m able I will find the time to dance.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/25/2011.

One Response to “New Year.”

  1. That’s a great New Year’s resolution.

    Happy New Year!


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