I must always remember that everything that happens, or is said, won’t necessarily fit my picture of perfect. Learning to find ways to understand others is a marvelous way to develop a relationship.

People don’t know what your feeling or thinking so maybe it’s best to tell them.

When you see flaws in others, maybe it’s because you looking in a spiritual mirror.

The wind comes so that the trees can wave at you, and make you smile.

Some say there is no heaven, if that’s true we’re going to miss our on some really great stuff.

Some say there is  no hell , I might like to agree, but I don’t

The greatest thing about having kids is that they give you so many wonderful memories.

The greatest thing about having grandkids is you get to watch the parents scramble just like you did.

The greatest thing about life is that it gives you time to see your mistakes and a way to find forgiveness.

The greatest thing about forgiveness is the only price in obtaining it is in the asking.

If others do not forgive it is their loss, God covers you .

Lastly Oh! for a heart that could love all mankind, but alas there is only one heart like that in existence, and it’s not mine. But I will love all that I can and long to meet that one true heart.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/23/2011.

One Response to “Ramblings”

  1. i love this and i believe communication solves endless problems. i fear that self-conscious thoughts about the way others will perceive us, prevent most from stating how they truly feel, but those are the thoughts that allow us to see through the fog into the light. there is only one way – truth.


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