A world of confusion

I see a world of confusion, where nothing really makes any sense . Why we do things is not intelligent or even rational. From the moment we get up, the crazies take over and we dash around madly primping , dressing , the eating on the fly, in order to arrive at our destination 15-30 minutes late. Our drive of course is always in rush hour which gives us an excuse all the better though if we have an accident or get a ticket, a great reason for being late. Don’t even consider you might kill someone or yourself in the process. We go shopping the same way, mad dash to the store, zig zagging in and out of traffic for a mile or two, so we can run get a shopping cart and continue our mad dash around the store. Never mind we almost squash a kid, ran over someones toes or knocked down a display, then barged in front of a very old person so we could check out and be off again for the next foray.

Then we set off for the mall to shop where, we will sit in one spot for 20 minutes in order to park one stall closer to our store or restaurant. We even race to get our food, want the first seat, and are impatient because the food has to actually cook. Then we complain that something is not exactly correct with our meal. Of course that’s always someone else’s fault, we couldn’t be part of the issue.

No matter where we go today the nut factor is in play, it is especially pronounced in a government office where the people behind the counter are in total opposition to my need for speed. It can be funny to watch provided you’re not in a hurry.

The problem as I see it is, when we are in a hurry to get somewhere, when we get there we are in just as much of a  hurry to leave. So it’s I can’t wait to see you, but now I gotta go.

Damn that’s just nuts

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/19/2011.

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