No where to go.

In this world when one looks around, there is nowhere to go. Who is there that you can go to that you truthfully trust enough to spill you guts to? If you have a friend that close you are one in a billion, if your wife is that close then it is truly a miracle. Mon and Dad ? Your probably not comfortable with that. How about a brother or sister? Maybe your shrink, or a government official. Where can you go? A priest, rabbi, or minister.

Reality is there is not a single place or person you can unload all your crap on, though it’s not crap to you. You need somewhere to speak the things that are on your heart. There isn’t one.

Except, that if someone wants a relationship with a living God, they can both have the relationship and have somewhere to go and pour out all your heart and soul. There is no rebuff, or shame or guilt from God only forgiveness, assurance and cleansing. This all with full forgiveness, for all your failings.

There is nowhere else on earth to find the healing gift of restoration.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/18/2011.

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