No time

Ya know, nobody really cares. No really, thinking about it, spiritual matters for the most part don’t matter to anyone. Well almost anyone.

I think that for most it’s not a pressing question, what with the rent, the wash and the kids, who’s got time for that stuff.

There is so much static in the air I couldn’t hear a spiritual thing if it came my way. Shoot I’d rather be fishing.

Government problems, tax issues, wars, and disasters one right after another. Well what would you be thinking about?

You can’t blame them there hasn’t been much happening in the spiritual world anyway, hell church is dead, boring and I get tired of feeding the fat cat preacher.

Well, you know, when we get serious about the spiritual world? Just about time we are about to leave this one. I have a niece and a sister in-law looking over that edge right now. I am not in close contact with them right now, but I bet you that questions are in their heart and mind. Spiritual matters are close to them right now.

Ever wonder what moment in live will shift you to the same point. Oh it’s never to late, and it’s never to early to ask.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/17/2011.

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