What’s a human life worth? Is it worth more that your pet? Is it more important than the will of a government? Does it have more importance than the laws created, because a loud group of people got together and forced their ideas upon us? Some lives are seemingly more valuable than others. Is life something you can put a value on? Is a rich life worth more that a poor one? How can we incarcerate a child because they tormented an animal. Is the animal worth more than the child? This question has been on my mind for a very long time, because my son almost spent a year in jail because he was seen playing with a dog from his moving car. Someone who was an animal activist got so caught up defending her animals that she became skewed in her thinking. Because of persons like her we have laws now that give animals more protection than humans. It’s not wrong to want to protect all life, animal or human. It occurs to me that the fault lies with the law and how it is interpreted. I’m sorry, but despite the opinions of others all human life is of greater value and should be given the respect and honor due. Animals are a valuable part of life, but never more than human.

There are a few humans in this world than are actually less than animals. Those usually get what they deserve in the long run, but don’t require special laws.

Laws don’t fix things, morals do. You can’t legislate morality or animal behavior.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/13/2011.

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