Did you feel that? I know it was just a nudge almost imperceptible, but you felt it right? I did. Did you hear anything last night? You know a quiet whisper or just a barely audible sound resounding deep within you, did you hear it? Don’t worry about what others might say, the voice was for you. I know someone told you if you tell others they will think your crazy, right? Well, you’re not crazy and they are afraid, it’s always been that way. This is how you are given important messages. If you listen very carefully your heart will find the answer, then you can begin your path back to what you would have been if someone hadn’t instructed you away from your natural path. Hearing and feeling truth that causes us to believe in a place we love. Giving us hope and causing us to reach for more, believing that there is an answer for everyone. It’s a message given to all and if we are just left to develop, there will be a person that has all the hope and faith they need to get through life.

If this seems familiar well you just got a shove in the direction that will help fix it. Now, go find get what you need and then go help someone else.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/13/2011.

2 Responses to “Stillness”

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  2. A profound truth that is beautifully stated. Now, may I edit for it please?


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