Wanna fight?

Have you ever wondered, why some people spend so much time and money in order to disprove something that, they claim not to believe in? I find it very strange that anyone would waste, anything on something that has no creadence in my mind. If I don’t believe something I just put on the shelf and go about life. I think that they really don’t know, so they set out to prove that what they want to believe is true. Why mess with all that? Just find what you want and start living in it. How much more you would be invested in you own belief system, not to speak of all the funds you are squandering for no good end. Come on now lets wake up, it really doesn’t matter if others don’t believe the way you do unless your trying to establish your own following.

Oh well I think I will take a walk now. Just such a wast of life.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/12/2011.

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