I live in southern California, not that it maters. I’ve noticed that people in so-cal have a passion for really aggressive driving everything is 20+ miles per hr more that the limit posted. If you don’t want to speed with them then the climb right up your tail pipe, and just try to make you do what they want. Funny thing I find the same attitude in the parking lots, in the stores, at the movies, and just about every event you can find. Is it that way everywhere?

Its my experience that if I live my day at high-speed then I never see the beautiful, and important things in my daily life. I am just going so fast I need to keep my mind on how fast I’m going and how everyone around me is not cooperating with me. This is frustrating of course, and I still never slow down to smell the roses.

I don’t live like that and I am not one to be bullied by others, I do however wish they could slow down and enjoy life, learn to appreciate all the fabulous thing around them, and share them with others.

If I make my life a hurried up life then every thing I do will reflect, mistakes are make , things are forgotten and life is generally a pain for all those around you. I also believe that a great deal of illness and neurosis are caused by being in such a hurry.

The truth is if you test it if your driving for half an hour and you increase your speed 15-20 mph you only gain a couple of minutes and you screw up a whole lot of traffic. Not really worth it in my opinion.

You will that there is no fast food attitude in the kingdom of God. You will have to slow down and find a place of true peace if you expect to even begin to comprehend Gods world. Which by the way is our world as well.

Whats all the rush for?

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/09/2011.

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