I’m beginning to think that the latter years of our life is the part that counts. Everything before was all experimental. We all have to verify our own path. It wouldn’t be good if we just took someones advice and lived accordingly. God forbid that the old ones were correct and I spent all those years just blasting around for no good purpose. Oh yeah, I got the experience of raising four great kids, who are now doing the same thing. I got to experience war and I’m grateful that none of my children got to do that. You really don’t need that to exist, after all there is enough war to deal with right here at home. The war on sanity, the war on drugs, the war on disease, and the war on family. Whatever, I guess I’m rambling now, anyway as I was saying, I had to live sixty-four years of life to finally understand that I really don’t know shit.  But, finally I am qualified to tell others what not to do. Well, at least I feel like I’ve made all the mistakes out there, though I’m quite sure that I left a few out there for someone else. It amazes me how smart I was at sixteen, really smart at twenty-one, and bloody wonderful at thirty. Then at forty and fifty, I just shut up and did stupid things. Now, in my sixties I find I am unable to raise hell so now I look for heaven, only to realize that I was fighting the very thing I was seeking all these years. Myself.

Oh what a wiz I was! Hope you do better. Love to all. Enjoy your life and it will fulfill you even though you’re not looking for it or cooperating with it. I am really glad I am man, and God is God.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/07/2011.

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