I’ve taken notice over the last few years that a great deal of people can not abide silence. That is to say, that they can’t seem to stand being without some kind of noise. You’ve seen it, music in their ear unless they are talking on the telephone or TV on even if they aren’t in the room, or they can’t go to sleep without the television on. I’m not sure if it is the picture flickering or the sound of the program that allows them go to sleep. Drive the car while talking in the phone or the radio blaring. Shopping with their headset in place and the store music playing as well.

Just try to get one of you kids to enjoy the quiet outdoors without electronics.

I find that there is way too much noise driving people along in life. I need my peace and quiet time. Time to meditate and to consider the events of life. This allows me to get a handle on just how I feel about a certain subject or event.

It’s my opinion that all the activity, noise, and excess attention to being wired is keeping us from truly looking at our issues and working on solving some of our important problems.

It requires a retraining of ourselves, but it’s totally worth it.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/06/2011.

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