In a world where everything is fiction, it’s difficult for us to determine it’s truth even exists.We are surrounded with a make-believe world, entertainment is all sparkle and excitement including the news which is full of someone’s take on any given day or subject and giving us their slant on the subject. It used to be just reporting on the news. Make believe has permeated every facit of our lives, even our political world, though they have graduated to con men and women are living in a false world where they must continue the ruse in order to maintain their status. Sadly, even the religious world  propagates false premise to keep the flock in tow.

I remember asking my father as a boy what he thought of communism. Being a WWII veteran I expected a negative statement, he simply said if God came down here to run it, then it would be a good form of government. That’s the problem with any government. Humans are involved and they can’t be trusted.

So it is today. Even though we don’t use the word communism much any more. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that we need truth in our world and lives. The only available place to find truth seems to be God.

All the make-believe does is drug  us, so that we no longer see  the difference between real and pretend. Even the so-called reality shows of today can’t depict truth. It’s always just one big game.

It’s not a game though and someday we will each be faced with truth. I hope we can deal with it.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/05/2011.

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