Tis the heart of the matter.

I have had occasions, when my prayers where more like angry rage, with such a depth of hurt and frustration that I had no more words. Not the typical prayer, one would say. I say that anytime we reach very, very deep within, something touches the ear of God, and is heard and eventually answered.

You know God was never angry with me. Not even in the slightest displeased, on the contrary he smiled at me. How do I know you say, I can see the results of a smile, and more importantly I can feel the love behind the smile.

It is sad that I should ever have been angry at God, when you understand how much he loves me.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/04/2011.

One Response to “Tis the heart of the matter.”

  1. I’ve said those kind of prayers too. I think God wold prefer for us to get past all the piety and just be honest with Him about how we’re feeling. Honesty opens the channel of communication with Him far quicker than our false humility. He knows what’s up anyway, and all the fake politeness is just a barrier to getting to the truth…


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