Stood I there, as it where on a mountain top, looking back on the life that I’ve had. Beholding all the places, that I’ve seen, and remembering all the faces that still fill my dreams. As I survey from front to back, I can’t seem to hold the sweet tears back, for all the loved ones I’ve known and all the patience they have shown.

Not to look out toward the new destination, as now is the time to appreciate every good and wonderful thought, as tomorrow is so unsure. We have spent many days and nights together all filled with laughter, love and a mutual longing for more of what we have. Ever looking for another secret door to go in and find that special time once more.

Would that I could freeze this time, to never end, but alas, all ends at some point. Still I will retain the dreams as in so doing I retain the love. Hope still calls me on to more and I just can’t wait to reach that final destination, there I know I will meet again with all, but most especially the one that started it all.

Happy now to be content with such wonderful thoughts.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/03/2011.

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