In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will guide your path.

I have found throughout my life that my path has carried me into many very uncomfortable places. I have been led continuously  by the unseen hand of my love. In the beginning I didn’t even think in the terms that God would care about me enough to help me walk through this life. It took practice in becoming aware that I was being helped. In the first few years of life with God, I was an infant and all things were taken care of for me, without my understanding. Then as life went on I began to realize that wherever my foot met the path, help was there. In time, all became normal and I was excited to see what the next step would bring. Eventually, it was ever so natural to trust that my path was set for me and that my love would guide me along in life. Even as I grew older and became complacent, it was in my mind that God looks after me. I always said that God takes care of children and idiots, thinking I was the latter. Now again, as I look back on the many paths in my long life, I find the evidence that he was always my guide, and still is. What a wonderful security it is to know that when you give your life to him, he accepts it, and takes it and prepares a way to cause our feet to go and not to fail him. This is enough to love all that I know of him, and always will.

I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging bread.

While on the path, there are many times it looked as though something was wrong. I have found myself without money, without shelter for my family and without food. Only to have it all provided for us, exactly when it was needed. There were times this happened through very natural means, and on occasion through what I would call miraculous circumstances. In every case there was no denying that it was God’s help.

A love without end.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/01/2011.

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