Life is really not about success or failure, which is the measuring stick of a fool. Life is about living, experiencing, expressing, feeling. You know like love, hate, happiness, sadness, searching, discovering, falling short, exceeding our expectations. Its just living. Life is the culmination of everything we experience in our lifetime and everyday is a new research project. We should be excited with our moment by moment escapades. Logging each one into a memory bank to draw from or for the next talk we have, or blog we write. It’s a wonder every moment that no two moments are ever the same. Even if you try to go back and capture that special moment in time, it won’t be the same. That’s good because it makes us artists, drawing our own portrait or filming our own movie, so we can share with others, or just have a look back to remind us of the fabulous life we have lived. Seeing that every success or failure was just a step to the next experience of our lives. Growing every day in understanding and wisdom. What a gift!

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/27/2011.

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