This word was defined for me in college, as one who tears down cherished beliefs. The dictionary includes, someone who attacks established traditions.                                                                                                   This word in my lifetime has become the common practice of many, even to the point of creating a career out of it. Society can be a great destroyer of traditional matters.

I spent my life mostly as an auto mechanic, when I started there was no such thing as licensed or certified mechanic. A person learned the trade by being an apprentice, and going to trade school. Then along came the people who felt we needed to certify every mechanic which in time the mostly did. At least if you are certified you make more money. In so doing I guess they felt that being certificate made the person dependable as a mechanic or later technician. Well the time-tested tradition of apprenticeship is gone now and that tradition is lost. That is not a big deal I guess but you still can’t trust all technicians, and just because someone can pass a test doesn’t mean they are truly qualified.

This has been the same trend in almost all walks of life now, especially the need for every person to go get a college degree. If you look around today there are tons of college grads without a career. Even when the economy was good there was more educated people out of work than expected, and more coming off the grist mill every year. It’s like the people building houses, they build like gangbusters until there are to many houses. oops!

It is all money driven, but it is also bringing down something that would have otherwise provided a direction  for many. I am certain the human spirit will come around, and develop  a  way to straighten thing out, but could you leave a few important things in place. You know things like respect for the elderly. The desire to learn from them, with the understanding that they can help us understand what life is about. I am all for change, but not at the cost of the traditions that keep our family unit, and basic social structure together.

Everything that relates to our lives needs support, even if it is imperfect which it always is. If we tear things down because they are not functioning correctly ultimately there will only be left with anarchy.

The end of anarchy is usually chaos, or a much stronger and forceful government. I hope there is enough intelligence left  to redirect our actions and give direction and purpose to make a determined effort to adjust the system and not tear it down.

I am always happy when we hold the feet of our public servants to the fire of integrity. So maybe we should just start by requiring the men and women we vote for to a standard, and if they prove to be unable to properly adhere, then they will  be out very shortly. That’s what the vote is all about.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/22/2011.

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