The human touch

It is easy to spot those who don’t believe that the God thing is real, or worth pursuing. They are the ones making all the remarks, wearing all the down with God buttons, or stickers on their car. It’s also easy to see who the religious are, they are doing the same thing except there arrow goes up. In like manner it is easy to tear at, or down something we don’t agree with.

The key is to search out the followers. They can be found, but not doing all the gimmicks. Seek their counsel, you will find it is healing. They are available to all. If someone wants to know God, you must seek the ones that already do. When you find the true followers then you build up and be built up. Then let the rest of the world do the tearing down. They won’t need your encouragement.

God has always had his children living a midst people of all walks of life. You might find them in a Temple, or a Mosque, a Synagogue , and even a Church. Or you may find them in a field, on a boat, or just about any walk of life. They are not defined by any particular organization, they are defined by who God as made them, and their relationship to everything around them. There’s is one of love one for another, and for their neighbours.

I have met some of the most wonderful, spiritual people in the oddest places. I met a young man in the service, he would rip at anything spiritual, if emotion was expressed. I recently heard that he has been a chaplain for many years now. You see the man’s heart was right his understanding  just needed and upgrade.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/21/2011.

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