The times they are a changing

Does it seem odd to anyone else that civil unrest, and disillusionment are rampant today. There is a lot of uproar in our own USA on wall street, in front of banks, and Government offices/Schools. That’s really what touches us here, but if we are paying attention it is a world-wide discontent. It seems that everyone has their own idea of what the problem is but no two people can really nail it down and give it direction. I think everyone is reacting, as well they should. Most have lost homes, Jobs, hope of ever having one again. They are angry at those responsible, but no one can truthfully blame anyone. It’s easy to point fingers at the gut up at the top because, we have been lead to believe that they have the answer. Truth is they don’t. We have been once again duped. The idea that we can create enough of a dust storm to keep everyone in the dark , and keep doing the same old thing isn’t going to cut it. That only works as long as the effects of it don’t hurt me to badly. Well guess what, it hurts real bad now, and the people of the world are reflecting it in their reaction. One difference the people around the world who are rebelling against their government are getting shot,and many have lived under dictators that were ruthless. We however have been scammed by the system we created by our own choices. It is time to stop and take a good look at what we have, and start to look for what we really need. Not what we want, but what we need. The system is not the problem it’s the persons in the system, if you don’t hold your leadership to a standard then they dictate through coercion and deceit.

Human kind has become so self-centered that, there is no internal checks and balances. No one believes that there is a right or wrong, they believe in grey areas which gives them permission to do what every they want, at any price. Well when enough of us are like that then its every person for themselves, and to hell with the rest. End game chaos, and that where we are headed, next up is another Kent state, only on a larger scale. Hey America wake up this country thrived for this long because there was a majority of people who cared, I mean cared enough to do what ever it takes to extend a helping hand to our fellow-man. When everyone, gets perspective on the situation and begins to rise to the occasion this country will return to what its meant to be. We will find persons that will lead us with the right heart , and with honest judgement. They will be persons that are not in position to rape the world of riches, but will be looking for honorable solutions to each issue.

Some in the world of government feel that world government is the answer. I feel that no government has as of yet demonstrated that they can handle their own country, so what makes you think that any one or group can run a world. It’s greed that motivates you not concern for the world. The truth is we have enough problems to solve right here without looking over the fence into a neighbor’s yard to find something to fix. It’s time to grow up.

Ok! so your mad. Good now lets find a constructive way to do something about it.  You don’t build a country, by first tearing it down.

If not then get ready for a modern day wild west.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/17/2011.

One Response to “The times they are a changing”

  1. I like what you said about not building a country by tearing it down first. But I fear that is exactly what is happening.

    The idea is to be the hero by solving a crisis of your own making. When it’s all over, no one remembers you created the crisis, just that you solved it.

    I call it “make a mess, clean it up”. Happens in business and government all the time.


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